From Above Youth Center & Bakery

Our Mission Statement & Purpose

  • Gathering God’s family around His table to faithfully serve, celebrate, connect and grow.

Our Vision:

  • The original vision of From Above was for teens to have a safe and fun place to go where they can discuss and deepen their faith.  A place where true Christian friendships are developed.  As time went on, now in our 3rd year, God has us on a more diverse journey.  We are now working with not only kids but people with special needs, families, the homebound and the community.
  • From Above is also a place for families to come together to celebrate, connect and grow.  
  • By having the students and people with special abilities work in the bakery, it will give them life skills to help them in the future.  To teach them how to work together, solve problems, take responsibility for their actions and to bring Gods love into the community and be a witness for Christ.
  • The bakery will produce quality baked goods using the best ingredients, exceptional customer service and most of all, using the gifts in which God gave us. The students will have a strong love for Christ and will be witnesses for Him.

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