Premier Travel

For over 15 years, Anne Kulhanek has been helping residents of Northeast Wisconsin plan “that special vacation”.  Whether you want to go to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, or somewhere you have yet to identify, Anne will take the time to get to know you through an interview designed to result in the best possible travel experience within your budget.

Premier Travel believes that travel is a life enhancing experience and they do their best to ensure you have the vacation of your dreams and a life better lived.

Advise and Counsel – We assist you in the purchase of travel

Knowledge – We know the differences between the real and the advertized

We Listen – We care about your preferences and ideas

Expertise – We know the unique and off the beaten path

Shop for Value – We work to get you the best that you can afford

Peace of Mind – We are current and updated on information and will help you out in an emergency

Give Anne a call today and get to know a local business owner who focuses on making your life more enjoyable.