Allouez Senior Seminars ~ Foster Grandparent Informational Session


1900 Libal Street, Allouez Wisconsin, 54301 - Allouez Village Hall

Presenter: Jessica Blatz, Foster Grandparent Program Project
Director at Encompass Early Educaton & Care

If you love children and want to make a litle extra income, the Foster Grandparent Program
may be just the right ft for you!

A Foster Grandparent is at least 55 years of age, meets limited income guidelines and
volunteers between 15-30 hours per week in an assigned classroom at an Encompass Child
Care Center.

Benefts of being a Foster Grandparent include an hourly tax-free stpend (which does not
afect housing or other benefts), annual paid leave, mileage or travel allowance, and, most
importantly, lots of love from children. If you are interested in this program or know someone who might be, please atend this informatonal meetng to learn more about it!

Register: Online: htp://
By Phone: 920.448.2804
In person: 1900 Libal St.