Chili Cook-Off


1007 Tony Canadeo Run, Wisconsin, 54304 - Burkel's One Block Over

Join us for our first chili cook off! 20 spots available, $10 to enter and hold your spot. Bring at least a gallon of your best chili and the customers will be the judges. There will be prizes for 1st-5th place! 1st place prize 100% payout.


Go to Burkel’s One Block Over and sign up in person and pay your $10 fee (must be cash)

Message Burkel’s facebook page to hold a spot until you can stop in and pay (will hold spot for 2 days)

Call Burkel’s at 920-544-8367 to hold your spot until you can stop in and pay (will hold spot for 2 days)


Must bring at least one gallon of chili in a crockpot or something to keep it warm

Burkel’s will provide plastic silverware and small cups for chili tasting!

Chili will be labeled by # and the cook of each chili will be kept secret. A number will be giving to you #1-20 at sign up and that will be your # for the cook off

Customers will do the voting.

Maker of each batch of chili will be announced at the end of the cook off

Chili can be mild, hot or however you make it!

Chili will be out for 2 hours from 1pm to 3pm for judging


 1st place is 100% payout so if we fill all 20 spots 1st place wins $200

Any questions – please call Burkel’s at 920-544-8367 and ask for Emily!