Shrine Circus 2023


820 Armed Forces Drive, Green Bay Wisconsin, 54304 - Resch Center

Thrills and excitement will fill three rings with acrobats, aerialists, animals, daredevils, and clowns! All this and more come to life bringing unforgettable memories to all.

This year features a new generation of circus performers from across the globe.  Our melting pot of talent will create life-long memories as children of all ages are guided through thrills, beauty, artistry, and daring feats of danger by Ringmaster “Lucky” Malatsi.  Families will hold their collective breath throughout an entire two-hour performance watching contortionists bend and twist in extreme ways, acrobats tumble and spin through the air with the greatest of ease, become mesmerized by the allure of the aerial artistry high above, and witness heart-stopping risks and tricks as daredevils defy the laws of physics.

Full Event Details & Ticket Sales HERE.