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The primary role of the Aquatics Instructor is to lead a group of individuals through goal-specific aquatic exercises in a safe and effective manner. The primary role of the Aquatics Lifeguard is to ensure client safety by actively guarding pool patrons and enforcing pool rules. Instructors and lifeguards will protect and teach people the essentials of proper aquatic swimming, safety techniques and water exercise.

Instructor Specific:
1. Facilitate variety of classes and lead individuals in exercise/swim classes.
2. Assist exercise/swim class instructor.
3. Safety of all participants in class is the responsibility of the instructor.
4. Instructors must have the ability to handle groups with varying abilities.
5. Instructors are responsible for all material contained in the Employee Guidebook.
6. Instructors are expected to do all paper work associated with being an instructor.
7. Attendance is required at training workshops as well as staff meetings.
8. Instructors are responsible for setting up all equipment necessary for conducting class and properly putting away all such equipment.

Lifeguard Specific:
1. Prevent injuries by minimizing or eliminating hazardous situations or behaviors.
2. Lifeguards and instructors are required to have current certification in American Red Cross CPR for the professional Rescuer, Lifeguard Training or Shallow Water Guard Training.
3. Good written and verbal communication skills are necessary for the position.
4. Pool security is the responsibility of the lifeguard on duty. Proper opening and closing procedures must be followed.
5. Lifeguards are solely responsible for the safety of all persons in the pool and the pool area.

1. Attentively watch pool patrons. In order to maintain a safe environment, staff must always enforce all pool rules and regulations.
2. Assist patrons in pool areas as necessary.
3. Recognize and respond to emergency situations appropriately. Staff must be knowledgeable of all emergency procedures.
4. Responsible for understanding and completing opening and closing procedures.
5. Attend meetings as needed.
6. See to the safe operation of all equipment utilized.
7. Lifeguards will be on deck 5 minutes prior to their scheduled starting time, dressed in proper attire, that is, swim suit, clean guard shirt, and whistle.
8. Staff are responsible for the proper coverage of their assigned hours.
9. Staff will use proper teaching techniques and guarding techniques as set to reflect the CP program standards.
10. Adhere to agency safety policies and procedures.
11. Any other duties assigned.

1. Group Fitness Instructor certification and/or prior aquatic instruction experience.
2. Current Lifeguarding Certification.
3. Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program Instructor certification or ability to receive certification within set amount of time.
4. Certification in CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid, and AED Essentials.

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