65th CP Telethon Coming Up Next Weekend ~ March 2nd & 3rd in Green Bay

Posted on 2-20-2019

(Green Bay, WI) CP, a proven leader in providing therapy and life skills services for physical, sensory and developmental conditions, is ready to celebrate 65 years of the CP Telethon, set to air March 2 and 3 on WBAY-TV2.

“It’s hard to believe that Telethon has been going on for 65 years, but here we are,” said Kristen Paquet, Director of Marketing and Communications for CP. “To celebrate, we’re putting together an awesome show, full of great music and special guests.”

CP is excited to have Charlie Berens of the Manitowoc Minute, as one of the co-hosts of Telethon on Saturday night.

“We’re just going to let Charlie do his thing while he co-hosts, which should make for an entertaining night,” Paquet said. “Charlie has a strong following, so we hope he’ll help us engage a new audience who will stay tuned in for the rest of the show.” 

And there’s a lot of good reasons to stay tuned in. Telethon is jam-packed with exciting local entertainment, including Red Clover, Johnny Wad, Separate Ways, 7000apart, NEW Piano Guys, Annex, Let Me Be Frank Productions and more.

“Our goal is to keep the energy high and have lots of fun,” Paquet said. “The music these groups will bring to the stage is pretty much guaranteeing that happens.”

Paquet says that in addition to the music, Telethon will feature many powerful and inspiring stories. “We know that a lot of people watching Telethon may never need to use CP’s services, but everyone can rally around the human spirit,” Paquet said. “When you watch, you’ll meet some pretty amazing people, each with their own story, their own goals and their own accomplishments you can’t help but be inspired by.”

Telethon is CP’s largest event. “The first Telethon was in 1954 and we raised about $33,000,” said Callie Sherman, Director of Philanthropy for CP.  “Last year we broke a record, raising more than $1.4 million. And what’s amazing – even more than the money raised – is the commitment and support the community continues to give year after year. We can’t thank everyone enough.”

Sherman says the money raised from Telethon supports services offered to more than 2,100 clients every year. “From the smallest kiddo, to our most seasoned adult, CP has been there, helping every client live the life they want to live,” Sherman said. “And while we are proud of our history, our future looks bright and there are so many possibilities on the horizon. It’s an exciting time for CP, our clients and our community.”

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You can catch the 65th Annual CP Telethon, presented by Keller Inc., on Saturday, March 2 from 6:30 – 10 p.m. and Sunday, March 3 from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. on WBAY-TV2. Donations can also be made online at cptelethon.org or via texting CPTelethon to 41444.