A Decade of Dwarf Conifers: 10 Years of the Arendt Conifer Garden

Posted on 10-12-2023

Packed with thousands of elegant dwarf conifers that stun year-round, the Arendt Conifer Garden is not only a fan favorite, but a pillar of the Garden as a whole. It’s hard to believe that merely a decade ago it was a simple hill, yet to fulfill its endless potential.

Thankfully, that’s when Gene and Betty Arendt stepped in.

The Beginning

According to Susan Garot, the Garden’s President and CEO, a conifer garden was always a part of the Garden’s guiding plan. Gene and Betty were longtime volunteers at the Garden, and in recent years, Gene had become a bit of a “conifer-ite”.

A lifelong learner, Gene attended NWTC’s Landscape Horticulture program after he retired. During his schooling, he became enamored with dwarf conifers, and Gene and Betty expressed interest in helping to fund the construction of a conifer area of the Garden.

So, with the help of Meissner Landscape of Door County, the Arendt Dwarf Conifer Garden was born.

The Garden Grows

The Arendts’ involvement with the Garden certainly didn’t end there.

Mark Konlock, Director of Horticulture, says that “Gene’s passion for gardening, and for conifers in particular, is infectious,” and that he’s constantly “out there toiling, helping to ensure the Arendt Conifer Garden always looks its best.” In fact, his passion was the driving force that led to the Garden applying to the American Conifer Society.

 Not only is the Arendt Conifer Garden dear to the Garden, it’s a gem of Wisconsin as a whole. It became a reference garden with the American Conifer Society, one of only…

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