Advisory: Crime Prevention Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Posted on 11-28-2019

The Green Bay Police Department would like all citizens to have a enjoyable Black Friday shopping experience. The following are some crime prevention tips:

Park your vehicle in well-lit areas, keep your vehicle doors locked, and do not leave valuable items visible in your vehicle. Place items in trunk if possible.

Be mindful of the personal safety of others when approaching, moving through, and departing from businesses and report suspicious activity to police.

Do not leave bags or merchandise unattended.

Carry your purse close to your body and your wallet in your front pants pocket for best protection.

Be mindful of those around you when presenting a credit card, checkbook, or personal information to the store clerk. A person looking to steal your identity or use your personal information will attempt to look over your shoulder/listen to obtain that information.

Save all receipts and payment verifications to match up with banking statements.  All discrepancies should be carefully reviewed.

Your Green Bay Police Department Wishes You a Very Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!