Allouez Bulk Pickup Scheduled for May 4th-7th

Posted on 4-30-2020

Large trash items, up to two (2) cubic yards, that won’t fit in your garbage cart will be picked up at no charge. If the amount of trash / junk is more than two (2) cubic yards, there is an additional charge for the larger volume and it will be billed to the resident.

Please note that bulk waste must be at the curb by 6:00am on your collection day.

Bulk waste includes:

– mattresses
– carpet
– furniture
– sinks/toilets/tubs
– windows/doors
– wood less than four (4) feet in length

Non-collectible* items include:

Fluorescent light ballasts and lamps, mercury lamps, cardboard, gas & charcoal grills, lead acid batteries, exercise equipment, appliances, televisions, electronic equipment (computers, monitors, DVD, VCR, printer, fax/copy machine, cell phones) tires, construction debris from remodeling, or large amounts of concrete and bricks (exceeding a five gallon bucket.)

*These items must be disposed of by the resident at the Brown County Solid Waste Transfer Station (construction debris, tires, appliances, and batteries), the Brown County Recycling Center Household Hazardous Waste Facility (electronic items, paint).

The Village DOES NOT pick up any gas-powered equipment, nor can any gas-powered equipment be dropped off at the LeBrun site.

Do not place trash / junk at the curb during non-pickup weeks. Violators will be given a forty-eight (48) hour notice to remove trash / junk from the curb and if not removed the Village will pick it up at a charge. The minimum pickup charge during a non-collection week is two-hundred dollars ($200).

A patron may request bulk waste collection during a non-collection week, such as a renter move-out, but collection is subject to the pickup charges as defined in Chapter 225, Fees and Charges, of the Village Code.

For more information, contact the Village of Allouez, using the number and links below.