Bart & Cherry Starr – Epitomes of “Thanks” & “Giving”

Posted on 11-11-2021

By Darrel Burnett, Executive Director of The Automobile Gallery

November is quite possibly the most extraordinary month of the year because it is the optimistic open door to another highly anticipated holiday season.

Translated, all is right with the world in the month of November before the pushing and shoving begins on Black Friday, Black and Blue Monday or whatever the merchandisers are calling the holiday shopping season these days. 

I find myself appreciating the serenity of November more and more because my stack of thanks grows higher and higher with each passing year. I have so many people to thank in my life, foremost YOU for the great support you have given The Automobile Gallery & Event Center as we continue to grow rapidly both in terms of our displays and fabulous collection, as well as our new initiatives like zSpace Virtual Reality technology.

When our great Founder William “Red” Lewis conceived The Automobile Gallery & Event Center nearly a decade ago it was more than an idea, it was a belief…..a belief that a world class automotive gallery belonged in Green Bay and that people from all over the world would want to visit.

That belief continues to manifest itself every day as visitors from all walks of life and all four corners of the earth enjoy more than a century of automotive history.

If ever a family epitomized the words “thanks” and “giving” it would certainly be the Starr family.

Bart and Cherry Starr lived as one, loved as one and gave from their hearts as one.

For everything you think you may know about the Starrs, hundreds of examples of extending a helping hand to those in need are known only by the recipients.

In a world where far too many fail to live up to their image, Bart and Cherry Starr deserve our heartfelt thanks. It was a tremendous honor to reunite with Cherry and her beautiful granddaughters, Shannon and Jenny, October 23rd when they visited The Automobile Gallery & Event Center to see Bart’s Super Bowl I MVP Corvette on display courtesy of owners Steve and Joyce-Lyn Altieri.

It was emotional. It was family. It was everything we strive to be here at The Automobile Gallery; Genuine. With the rush and stress of the holiday season around the corner, may the month of November bring you great joy and love surrounded by family!