Belgian Farm ~ New Exhibit at Heritage Hill

Posted on 9-10-2020

Heritage Hill has a new exhibit at the Belgian Farm!

Visitors can use their smart phones to scan the QR code, on our new signs, to hear information about Belgian culture and the farm experience spoken in Walloon, the native language of many area Belgians and its English equivalent. Walloon is an oral language only and is endangered.

The QR codes at the Farm are located on signage at the Belgian Farmhouse, the Summer Kitchen, and at the Barn. 

The staff at Heritage Hill would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Margaret Rueckl, a native Walloon speaker, who graciously donated her time to record the Walloon language, and to the Belgian Walloon Heritage and Friends organization for partnering on this wonderful exhibit. Heritage Hill is one of few museums to have a non-indigenous spoken language exhibit, and is honored to showcase these recordings.