Best Practices: Fireworks Safety

Posted on 6-29-2023

Next Tuesday, July 4th, is Independence Day and as our community begins to celebrate, the Green Bay Metro Fire Department would like to remind everyone about the importance of firework safety. Fireworks start over 19,000 fires and send over 9,000 people to the Emergency Room each year in the US. Loud, unexpected noises, such as fireworks, can also trigger and worsen symptoms for individuals with PTSD.

Practice These Safety Tips & Safe Alternatives

Safety Tips:

Never allow young children to handle fireworks.

Be prepared! Keep a bucket of water or a working garden hose nearby to fully
extinguish fireworks that don’t go off or in case of a fire.

Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioned or “dud” fireworks.

Store fireworks away from combustibles. Soak both used and unused fireworks
in water for a few hours before discarding.

Keep pets inside and ensure they have ID tags.

Safe Alternatives:

Leave fireworks to the professionals and check out local shows & events.

Use glow sticks, they glow in the dark and are a safe alternative to a sparkler.

Red, white, and blue silly string can be fun for all ages.

Throw a birthday party for the USA, and don’t forget the cake.

Together, we can make sure that we all have a Safe & Happy Independence Day!