Big Data for Smaller Players

Posted on 2-23-2021

Many large companies use advanced technology and expertise to capture and analyze data as they look for ways to improve business efficiency and customer interaction.

This week, Craig Siminski, of CMS Retirement Income Planning, shares an article discussing  how small businesses use software services to help streamline operations, understand customers, optimize websites, and find new markets:

Cloud-based applications can make it more affordable for small businesses to keep their technological capabilities up-to-date and take advantage of cutting-edge features, including data analytics and business intelligence.

The “cloud” refers to the delivery of on-demand computing tools over the Internet, often by subscription or on a pay-per-use basis, without having to buy and maintain hardware, software, and servers.

Wealth of Information

Actionable analytics data is often presented on a dashboard — a visualization tool with an overview of important metrics and charts — which makes it easier for users to digest the numbers and track trends. Here are some of the ways data can be collected and used to help drive critical decisions:

Streamlining Operations

Business intelligence software can take some of the guesswork out of running a company’s operations.

New applications may be helpful for predicting necessary staffing levels, tracking inventories, maintaining fleets of vehicles, or identifying high-performing products and services that tend to…

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Craig Siminski is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, with more than 22 years of experience. His goal is to provide families, business owners, and their employees with assistance in building their financial freedom.

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