Brown County Residents & Business Owners ~ Are You Prepared for Flooding?

Posted on 2-20-2020

Given the recent record snowfalls, Brown County Emergency Management wants everyone in Brown County to be ready for flooding when the Spring Thaws hit.

Here are some Action Steps to help you prepare for flooding:

Consider Flood Insurance (Activation Takes 30+ Days)

Have a Battery Back-Up for Sump Pumps

Move Basement Items Now

Check In on Neighbors, Especially the Elderly & Those with Special Needs

Sign Up for CodeRED at or Text BrownCountyWI to 99411

Have an Evacuation Plan (Where Will You Go?)

Have a Plan for Your Pets

Have Your Medications, Clothes, Important Papers & Other Essentials Prepared to Take With You

Create an Emergency Contact List

None of this is intended to scare anyone or make them feel uneasy, rather the exact opposite: Preparation brings Peace of Mind!  The entire purpose of preparing for flooding is so that you can take advantage of the calm atmosphere of the present, to be sure you have everything in place should anything happen.

Be Prepared ~ Make a Plan ~ Stay Informed!