Bus Trips for Widows and Widowers

Posted on 1-24-2019

Proko-Wall understands that after the funeral service is over, the tide of friends and relatives showing their love and support slows to a ripple. It is when the room is empty and survivors are left to their own thoughts and memories that the pain of loss is greatest.

For that reason, Proko-Wall provides unique aftercare attention. Since 2001, Bus Trips for Widows and Widowers are one of the ways Proko-Wall has reached out to those dealing with the loss of a spouse in the year following the death. Surviving spouses, along with a guest, are invited to two bus trips – one in the spring and one in the fall. The trip is an effort to include those traveling this grief journey to join others on the same path in a completely nonthreatening environment.

Past excursions have been to Miller Park for a Brewer Game, Amish Country in Bonduel, fish boil and shopping in Door County, and Memories Ballroom in Port Washington.  All trips conclude with a visit to an ice cream shop! 

Remember Proko-Wall’s philosophy:

“Ease their pain by walking in their shoes.” Proko-Wall’s staff has walked the aftercare path before. Our experience with doing the little things eases the pain of transition for families we care for. Our list of aftercare services is simply this: “Any help that we can provide.”

Proko-Wall’s aftercare services are available at no extra charge for the families they serve.  For information on this year’s Spring & Fall Bus Trips, please call 920.468.4111, and ask for Peggy George.

Proko-Wall Funeral Home and Crematory

Founded in late 1969 by the late Gerald Proko and Bob Walczyk, Sr., Proko-Wall Funeral Home was established on what was known as the far east side of Green Bay. The business has grown to six fully licensed funeral directors, a certified pre-planning specialist, 18 additional full and part time staff, a licensed in-house crematory and a full service pet funeral home. Proko-Wall continues to deliver the unique brand of service that families have become accustomed to since 1969, with the ownership transferring to Bob Walczyk Jr.  Long ago, Jerry and Bob Sr. realized that a funeral was much more than just a service, and were committed to helping a family keep the memories of their loved ones alive. Proko-Wall continues to help families create unique tributes to a life lived and is dedicated to walk with a family after the ‘service’ is over.