Caleb Needed Help – Your Gifts Made it Happen

Posted on 12-22-2022

Beth never forgot the little boy she met in her first few months working at Oral Health Partnership

It was another day of dental screenings in Beth’s new role as OHP’s Community Dental Health Director. “Caleb” was the last patient of the day and came with his teacher close. He was sad, non-verbal, and wouldn’t open his mouth. When Beth was finally able to peek inside, she knew Caleb must be in tremendous pain. He had rampant decay to his gum line and signs of infection.

“Your heart sinks because you completely understand why this child is so quiet and sullen and not interacting with his peers,” she explained.

Beth immediately put Caleb on an urgent case list and hoped for the best knowing OHP’s hospital waitlist hovers near 300 kids.

A year passes. During that time OHP’s team is at work. Caleb gets the help he needs – just like so many other OHP kids.

Soon Beth is back at Head Start doing another round of annual screenings and a playful boy is peeking in her doorway. He looks familiar, he’s smiling. She notices the familiar white “crowns” OHP uses to restore the kids’ smiles.

Suddenly she realizes it’s Caleb!

“He was smiling and talkative and full of personality as a 4-5 year old should be!” she said, with tears in her eyes. “It made me so happy and proud to see that OHP’s hospital care had made such a difference in a year’s time for this little boy.”

Caleb is just one of many kids helped each day because of the support you provide for OHP. Your gift of $500, $100, or even $50 provides the materials and equipment OHP needs to get every kid smiling.

You can make sure kids without dental insurance or on Medicaid have a place to turn for not only life-changing care, but routine care and education to gain and keep their happy healthy smiles.

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