Can a Culture of Gentleness Benefit Your Business?

Posted on 2-06-2020

Every business owner or manager wants to make their company stronger and more successful.  A Culture of Gentleness is a unique and proven training program designed to help individuals, organizations and businesses foster relationship-based, authentic connections where people feel safe, engaged and valued.

Why Should This Be Important?

Because when people work and interact in an environment where they feel valued, safe and engaged, positive outcomes happen:

A healthy work environment is created where employees feel safe and engaged

A mutual respect among employees is developed and fostered

Lower employee turnover and absenteeism rates

Higher productivity levels

Strong brand ambassadors

Valuable Training, Your Way

Our experienced team of facilitators will spend time getting to know you and your business. From there, we develop a customized training plan that meets your specific set of goals. You won’t find a cookie cutter approach here.

Training can be customized for upper management and corporate leadership or extended to your entire team. You determine who is involved. We know taking time to focus on training can be difficult, so we make sure sessions include customizable components that can be applied to your business model. 

Watch “Culture of Gentleness” Video

Let’s Get Started

The Culture of Gentleness can help businesses grow, and it all starts with developing a strong culture.  Email [email protected] or (920) 468-1161 to learn more about programming that is right for you.

Curative Connections

It starts by making meaningful connections to where we live, with each other, and to services that provide support. For more than 70 years Curative Connections has been here to help families, seniors and people with disabilities find support and care due to aging, dementia, brain injury or other disability. We meet each person – no matter where they are in their journey – and help them navigate options that support their goals for independence. Allowing them to build skills while we provide enriching opportunities for healthy aging.

It’s about people being active in body and mind, building relationships, learning new things and contributing to their community. Curative offers a proactive approach to care and a clear focus on individual needs. Where people are engaged in activities that help maintain their independence and improve and extend their quality of life, while doing things they enjoy and value.

Curative recognizes that self-care and finding balance is important for caregivers as well. That is why you can have peace of mind knowing that Curative is led by an experienced and empathetic team that puts the person first. Giving you piece of mind, and doing what’s right for every person we serve.