Can a Wisconsin Notary Public Prepare Documents for You?

Posted on 11-17-2022

THIS can be a tricky one!

In answering this question, it must be kept in mind that — in Wisconsin — unless a Notary Public is also an attorney, he or she cannot do anything that can be considered the practice of law. The preparation of legal documents (such as wills, contracts, deeds, powers of attorney, etc.) in Wisconsin, is reserved to those licensed to practice law in the state.

Generally, the preparation of documents should be done either by the signer (handwritten or typed) or by someone specifically tasked with document preparation — again, if legal documents, by a lawyer.

While it is possible that a Notary Public might also — in the course of his or her business or employment — be assigned to prepare non-legal documents, many notaries (including this author) will not notarize such a document that they themselves have prepared; simply to avoid even the appearance of either a conflict of interest or of “dabbling” in the practice of law.


The official task of a Wisconsin Notary Public is to witness your signature — after confirming your identity and, if needed, administering the proper oath.  You should not ask a Notary Public to go beyond that — and if you do, you should expect “No” for an answer.

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