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Posted on 8-27-2018

Annual No Limits Week Shines Spotlight on Ability Awareness

(Green Bay, WI) No Limits Ability Awareness Week is back for its third year and has a busy line-up of activities ready to go. The week-long event runs July 23rd – 27th with programs and activities taking place throughout the Green Bay area.

No Limits is a collaborative campaign coordinated by the area’s largest disability service agencies: ASPIRO, CP, and Curative Connections.

“One of the goals of No Limits Week is to show the community that having a disability isn’t a limitation to being an active participant in the community,” said Nicole Hoffmann, Vice President of Development for ASPIRO. “A person with a disability enjoys the same activities everyone else does like hanging out with friends, going out to eat and exploring all the fun things that happen in our area during the summer.”

Activities for No Limits Week include group outings as well as opportunities for the community to support the initiative.

“We’ll be fishing at Voyageur Park, exploring the Titletown District and eating lunch at Dine on the Deck, which the clients love,” said Mary Bouche, Director of Development for Curative Connections. “In addition, we’ll be holding a client made art show and sale at Gather on Broadway during the Wednesday night Farmer’s Market, participating in a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant night and manning two of the Festival Foods Brat Barns to round out the week.”

Another goal of No Limits Week is to break down stereotypes so often associated with people with disabilities.

“Some people may move differently or communicate in a different way, but they are just like you and me,” said Callie Sherman, Director of Development for CP. “Meeting and getting to know someone with a disability is as easy as walking up to them and saying hello, and we invite people who see our group during the week to do just that. The conversation will go from there.”

A full list of events for No Limits Week, as well as videos of the client and celebrity “Say Hello” campaign can be found at www.nolimitsgb.org.

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