Children & Teens in Foster Care Need Back-To-School Supplies

Posted on 8-20-2020

It’s August and that means back-to-school preparations are in full swing!

School looks different this year for so many children and teens.

In person, virtual, and hybrid are options depending on where you live.

From a Foundations Spokesperson:

“We’ve had a record number of children come into foster care during the last few months. Some of those children and teens have come to our Foundations foster homes with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. So, it makes sense that some of our foster parents need some additional support right now.

Can you help us buy school supplies for some of the children and teens we serve in foster care?”

Foundations Health and Wholeness has put together a wish list HERE with the exact items needed.

If you order from the linked wish list, they will come directly to Foundations’ office.

If you are in the Green Bay area, and would like to shop in person and deliver, you can use this list as your shopping guide, and do a no-contact drop off at the Foundations office, 1061 W. Mason Street, Green Bay. There will be a plastic container outside the main door for you to drop off your donations.

“The container isn’t locked so donations during business hours 730am-4pm M-F are ideal. Be sure to leave your contact information so we can send you a thank you note!”

Please share this opportunity with others.

Foundations Health & Wholeness

Foundations Health & Wholeness serves the community by healing mind and spirit through mental health counseling and foster care.

Mental Health Counseling

  • Our main clinic offers full range of mental health and addiction services.
  • We partner with social organizations in ten different locations to embed our therapists to serve children and adults with significant barriers to care, including those living in poverty, experiencing homelessness, the aging and people with disabilities. These satellite clinics offer an opportunity for us to train and supervise the next generation of licensed therapists and address the scarcity of licensed therapists in Wisconsin.
  • We also provide counseling at three public schools. We are the founder, and an active member, of Connections for Mental Wellness, a coalition of mental health care providers seeking to reduce the number of poor mental health days.

We provide approximately 12,000 mental health sessions every year, plus casual support, psycho-education, and over 500 hours of service on mental health tasks forces and committees. About 60% of our clients are either uninsured or under-insured, and we keep our doors open to everyone in need of mental health counseling.


In foster care, we recruit, license, and train foster parents. We work with counties throughout Wisconsin to provide placement and case management for children in need of loving foster homes. We provide treatment-level foster care to support children have experienced trauma, and have higher emotional and physical needs. Through our foster care offices in Green Bay, Greater Milwaukee area, Sheboygan/Lakeshore area, the Fox Valley, and soon Janesville, we serve over 130 children every year. The number of children we serve grows every year.


Foundations Health & Wholeness. The three words in our name relate around approach to care:

  • Foundations – we are here to walk with people has they strengthen the foundations of their mind and spirit
  • Health – Mental health is a key component of overall health and well-being. The World Health Organization defines health as, “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being & not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
  • Wholeness – Wholeness is unity. It’s a personal state of forming a complete and harmonious life.