Christmas List for St. John’s Shelter

The St. John’s Model is simple. Regardless of where you have come from, regardless of the choices you have made, and regardless of what led you to this position, you have dignity and worth. You are loved. We welcome individuals to come right as they are.

“There’s no expectation that someone ‘clean up’ prior to seeking out services. We love them just as they are, but then also love them too much to desire that they stay in the position they are in.”

St. John’s is reaching out to the community with an opportunity; an opportunity to give a simple gift that will truly make a difference for someone in need.

 “At St. John’s we are a family, and we want our homeless brothers and sisters in shelter to have the same love and support on Christmas morning as families all across Green Bay. We look to you for donations of new items from our Christmas Wish List.”

~ Alexa A. Priddy
Director of Community Engagement

To access St. John’s Christmas Wish List, Please Click Here.

To Learn More about St. John’s Shelter and The Micah Center, Please Click Here.


Green Bay News Network

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