City of Green Bay Spring Loose Leaf Collection to Begin April 15th

Posted on 3-21-2024

The City of Green Bay Department of Public Works will begin its spring curbside collection of loose leaves, garden waste, and grass clippings on Monday, April 15th, 2024. This material should be placed out to the curb in separate piles (leaves/grass together and brush/branches together) and should not be co-mingled. Bagged material will not be picked up.

For route collection information, check out the city’s interactive collection map HERE.

Residents are responsible for disposing of their own yard waste after the spring collection period, or they will be assessed a fee for collection.

The City of Green Bay Department of Public Works Yard Waste Drop-Off Centers are open daily (including weekends) April 1st until Thanksgiving Day from 6am to 8pm.

Residents may bring their loose leaves, grass clippings, and garden waste to either of the City’s two (2) yard waste drop-off sites located at 2530 East Shore Drive on the east side and 1470 Hurlbut Street on the west side.

Contractor generated/collected yard waste debris is NOT acceptable at these sites or at the curb for City collection.

Yard waste placed to the curb after May 12th will not be collected by the City.

Further information may be obtained by calling the Department of Public Works – Operations Division at (920) 448-3535 or visiting the City’s website.

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