Cleaning Your Window Screens? Window Genie of Green Bay Has Some Pointers

Posted on 6-06-2019

The Best Way to Clean Your Window Screens

Springtime has arrived. This is the best time of year to pull back the curtains, pop the windows open and enjoy some fresh air in your home. Before you get too comfortable, we have a few tips on how to maximize the cross-breeze in your home with clean window screens.

Whether your screens have been in your windows year-round, or you’re just now bringing them up from the basement for their seasonal install, they’re probably not looking their best. Screens are meant to prevent bugs and debris from entering your home, so they’re likely lookin’ a bit grimy.

Dirty screens will inhibit the breeze, and even obstruct your view. But don’t worry! Cleaning window screens is one of the easier Do-It-Yourself tasks that won’t require much equipment or elbow grease.

First you’ll want to get organized.

Mapping out a game plan will keep you organized, and move the project a long faster.

Figure out WHERE you’ll do the cleaning. You’ll want to find an open, flat area like your driveway or yard.
Laying down a tarp or towels is a good idea so your clean screens have a safe place to lay out and dry once you’re done with them.
Supplies you’ll need: handheld vacuum, microfiber towel and…

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