Continue Your 4th of July Celebrations at Studio 1212

Posted on 7-04-2019

Studio 1212 observes the 4th of July – Independence Day – by allowing their faithful staff to enjoy the day with their families and friends. They will Re-Open for Friday & Saturday!

Independence Day is Way Too Big of a Holiday to Full Celebrate in Just One Day, So…

Be sure to join the folks at Studio 1212 to make your holiday complete!

Friday, July 5th ~ Old Fashioneds & Fish:
$5 Old Fashioneds(4pm-6pm) and fresh pan fried perch!

Saturday, July 6th ~ $5 Sangria & Skinny Dip:
Featuring a live music concert with Tommy Winch at 7pm

Come and Help Us Say “Happy Birthday USA!” We’ll be Expecting You!