CP Invites You to Join Them in Giving Thanks

Posted on 11-07-2019

Are you grateful for your ability to talk? Thankful for your ability to stand? Are you inspired to reach your goals and redefine what’s “possible?”

Now through the end of the year, your gift wil be DOUBLED thanks to the generosity of an Anonymous Matching Friend of CP.

Your gifts drive our milestones:

$45 allows giggly, little Rowan to safely “play” basketball – where he thinks play, his therapist is helping him jump and stand on his tip toes to improve walking tolerance.

$106 provides 3-year-old Briella the chance tocommunicate “yes” or “no” through voice output switches – even though she is nonverbal.

$249 lets 30 of our children or adults enjoy a community outing – a trip to the zoo, a ball game, or simply a picnic, creating a sense of independence and inclusion.

$503 offers John the chance to practice his coordination, fine and gross motor skills as he cruises around the halls of CP on his three-wheel-bike.

$1,000+ means helping someone regain their ability to walk or making a connection with someone who may seem impossible to reach. 

Are You Grateful? Click Here to Watch Our New Video, Just in Time for Thanksgiving Season!