Two Really Great Dogs – Dexter & Maxwell – Looking for Some Love!

Posted on 6-02-2022

Despite their great looks and lovable personalities, Dexter and Maxwell have not found a new home yet, and have become benchwarmers at the Green Bay Campus of the Wisconsin Humane Society.

To get them back in the game and into a home, WHS has reduced their adoption fees (Dexter’s fee is $75, and Maxwell’s is “Name your own fee!”). These boys will make a great addition to someone’s family – so go in and meet them today!

Dexter and Maxwell have lived together for a long time and are friends! WHS doesn’t want to split them up, so they’ve both got to go to the same home together.

If you have the room and the love, please consider adopting them both!

For Details and Information on Meeting and Adopting Dexter & Maxwell, Please Click HERE.