Early Voting Under Way for Green Bay Mayoral Primary

The Spring Primary, during which Green Bay voters will choose candidates for Mayor, is on Tuesday, February 19th.

The Declared Candidates for Green Bay Mayor are:

Paul Boucher
Patrick Buckley
Patrick M. Evans
Eric Genrich
Joe Moore
Nick Mortensen
Mark Steuer
Guy Zima

For those who would rather vote before February 19th, early voting is currently available.

You can vote in the Clerk’s Office for the Spring Primary beginning Tuesday, January 29 until Friday, February 15, 2019. This does not include Saturdays, Sundays, or the Monday before the election. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. Thursday, February 14 and Friday, February 15, hours are 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Or, you can request an absentee ballot be mailed to your home, postage-paid both ways. You do need to be registered before we can issue an absentee ballot. If you have not voted in four years you will need to register again.

If you are indefinitely confined (doesn’t mean confined to your home) because of age, illness, infirmity or disability, you can request to be put on the permanent list and an absentee ballot will be mailed to you until you fail to return a ballot;

If you don’t qualify as indefinitely confined, you can send a request at the beginning of every year and we will send you a ballot for every election that year;

You can request an absentee ballot for one election;

Or, if you are out of town during election time, we can mail an absentee ballot to your destination. Please allow adequate time for mailing to and from, so we receive your ballot by Election Day for your vote to count.

To request an absentee ballot through the Clerk’s Office, send a letter, or you may contact the office through email at [email protected]. Include your name, address, phone number and signature. You will need to provide photo ID if you are not requesting to be on the indefinitely confined list, are in the military, or are overseas permanently. Send the request to: City Clerk, 100 N Jefferson St. Rm. 106, Green Bay, WI 54301.

Also see My Vote Wisconsin: To register to vote, request an absentee ballot, see what’s on your ballot, change your name or address, or find your polling location, visit https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/.

(Source: City of Green Bay, City Clerk)

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