Focus on Energy Helps Residents & Businesses Save Energy and Money

Posted on 11-02-2022

(From State Senator Rob Cowles) — October’s Energy Awareness Month, which just concluded, reminded Wisconsinites of Focus on Energy. They recently redid parts of their website to make it even easier for customers of participating utilities to learn about the benefits Focus can provide them for energy efficiency, weatherization, or renewable energy.

The new website includes a Solutions for Business page to help find energy-saving options specified for your business type (and incentives to help) and a new Online Home Energy Assessment to help you determine how energy efficient your home is and give recommendations for changes to lower your energy costs, including through rebates.

Learn More:

Focus on Energy Homepage

Solutions for Business

Incentives for Businesses

Home Energy Assessment 

Households can also order a free Focus Pack that includes some items to help you reduce your energy usage with a few simple steps (specialized packs for farm houses are also available).