Former Green Bay Meteorologist Cruz Medina Reflects on His Career Path & Encourages Young Professionals

Posted on 7-13-2023

By Cruz Medina – Special to Green Bay News Network

Out of the multiple job offers I received in my last semester of Meteorology School at North Carolina State University, WBAY in Green Bay was an easy choice for me. It felt right, so I followed through when I got the offer. I spent 19 months in the Midwest; somewhere I had never been before. The viewers were kind (for the most part) even though I was very green during my first few months on-air.

I developed a “work family” and had great mentors, like Steve Beylon and Aisha Morales, who helped me gain my on-air confidence. More than mentors, they were my family away from home.

A few months in, I finally caught my stride. I took that and ran with it, mistakes and all. I eventually got a puppy whom I named Rayo. He helped me feel less lonely; it was nice having someone to come home to. I would also make time to hang out with my work family outside of work.

I wouldn’t trade my experience in Green Bay and at WBAY for the world. It prepared me for my eventual next step in Nashville.

Wisconsin will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Just short of 2 years in Green Bay, I took a job at WSMV-TV in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2022, to be closer to my family in North Carolina, and to gain more experience in severe weather forecasting and coverage. WSMV has been a healthy challenge for me. It’s a large market. Nashville is growing like crazy and the weather is ever-changing.

I transitioned from Weekend Morning Weather to Weekend Evening Weather in coming to Nashville. The evenings are better on me mentally and I have a great weekend team who make coming to work easy even if I miss out on the weekend fun. I’ve covered tornado outbreaks here, winter storms, and crippling cold snaps (by southern standards).

I’ve grown a lot more as a Meteorologist in my short time in Nashville. I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Here’s my advice, based on my experience thus far, to any young person entering the professional workforce:

Keep showing up.

Life is tough, and will throw many things your way.

Show up for yourself.

You will make mistakes, but those will only make you stronger because you can learn from them.

Blessings to all who have followed along on my journey. I’m grateful for those who have continuously supported me and kept in touch from a distance through social media. It truly takes a pack to make it through life. Make sure that pack is full of positive support for you.