Freedom House Reminds Us: Many Circumstances Can Lead to Homelessness

Posted on 12-30-2020

An unexpected medical bill or car repair are the two most common reasons for homeless families to seek shelter at Freedom House.

At their location on the east side of Green Bay, Freedom House offers emergency shelter, food, basic hygiene items, and support, and comprehensive programming, including  an individualized budget and the skills and knowledge they need to be on their own again.

Families can apply to live at Freedom House’s west side location, a Transitional Living Program (subsidized rental units) where they continue to work to reduce their debt and rehabilitate their credit.

Freedom House families are also offered an Aftercare Program for general support and access to the many donations Freedom House receives.  This takes some stress off their monthly budget and prevents a second shelter stay.

If You Are Seeking Shelter, Please Call 920-432-4646; 24 Hours A Day.

Freedom House Ministries

Freedom House Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Christian-based non-profit organization. We provide shelter, three meals a day, clothing, classes, basic necessities and case management support to families struggling with homelessness. Freedom House is the only homeless shelter in the Green Bay area that provides services exclusively to homeless families- serving single mothers, single fathers, and couples with children.