Fridays are Extraordinary at Doug’s Take 5 in Allouez

Posted on 9-29-2022

If you’ve been there, well…then you already know. But, if you haven’t been to Doug’s Take 5, then we suggest that you put it on your agenda — maybe this Friday, for example!

“Even though we’ve been here for more than several years now, some folks still don’t know that this is a Public Restaurant…in a Private Club.  We’re completely open to the public; no memberships are required to enjoy our restaurant and bar,” says Doug Meikle, owner of Doug’s Take 5.

Here’s a review from a 13-year old patron, who was experiencing his very first Burger & Fries at Doug’s”

“Mr. Doug, Seriously, this is the best hamburger I’ve had in my entire life. And these French Fries are the best in the world.” ~ Seamus D., Green Bay

And here’s one from a Senior Citizen, who heard someone at another restaurant bragging about the Food at Doug’s:

“I have to tell you, that guy wasn’t just blowin’ wind.  Doug knows how to put out a delicious meal!  And, yes, those French Fries of his should go down in history!”  Bill, R., De Pere

A typical Friday at Doug’s will feature Perch, Walleye, Fried Shrimp, Clam Chowder, (and maybe some of his homemade, original recipe New Brunswick Stew), and Chef Salads.

“Word on the Street” is that Doug makes an awesome Old Fashioned — the perfect pairing with any meal in Wisconsin, right? Of course right!

Reservations are accepted. Just Call 920-632-7069 or 920-370-3938. And be sure to tell Doug that you read about Doug’s Take 5 in the Green Bay News Network!