Full Traceability: From Farm to Table

Posted on 3-18-2021

March is “Health Awareness Month”, and given what we’ve all been through in the past 12 months, this is a great time to focus on the things that can help us live healthier and happier lives.

This week, Michael Lee, of Lee Nutrition, shares with us an article by Mark Lowman, a member of NeoLife®’s Scientific Advisory Board, entitled Full Traceability: From Farm to Table:

Since 1958, generations of families have counted on NeoLife to provide them with products based in nature, backed by science that are naturally safe and proven effective. We take pride in our unwavering quality and safety standards — standards that exceed all global regulatory standards — that have ensured the effectiveness of our products.

NeoLife has millions of satisfied customers in over 50 countries around the world, and for 60 years Neolife’s carefully charted pathway from the farm to the table guarantees you and your family the finest quality in product formulation.

Quality is NeoLife’s highest priority, and it is the Scientific Advisory Board that sets the quality standards and expectations for all NeoLife products and the ingredients that go into them. Everything that goes into each NeoLife product – every supplier and all raw material ingredients – must qualify before they can be used by meeting our strict demands for purity, potency, consistency, origin and other critical quality factors.

Through our integrated global supply structure, all of this is monitored and managed by teams of highly skilled people in a state of the art quality assurance program that is unsurpassed in our industry.

Within our sophisticated systems and quality check processes we keep track of:

1. Meticulous Seed Selection:

Where something grows, how it grows, even the seed stock from which it is grown can be important determiners of quality.

2. Pristine Soil & Environment:

Our standards demand that only raw ingredient sources meeting our strict qualifications and highest standards, such as, fields in the least disturbed and most natural environments available be selected. These specifications also allow us to assure that all of our whole food concentrates and extracts are beyond organic and…

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