Galley 57 Closes Temporarily – Planning to Re-Open Soon

On Tuesday, October 6th, Chef Andy Mueller, of Galley 57 Supper Club, issued the following announcement:

Out of an abundance of caution and to help stop the rise in COVID-19 cases, Galley 57 will be temporarily closed.
We will open again soon. We appreciate all your support – Thank you!
~ Chef Andy

Please stay tuned to the Green Bay News Network and to Galley 57’s Facebook Page for Updates.

Galley 57

It’s a Wisconsin supper club tradition to visit with friends, neighbors, and co-workers for a drink before dinner.  Chef Andy likes to say: “what’s old is cool again.”  His parents’ generation enjoyed drinks like old fashioneds (whiskey or brandy).  That tradition was lost by a generation, but now “old fashioned” drinks like these are in fashion again!  Young professionals and older adults alike are calling Galley 57 the “home of the $3 old fashioned.”  That’s right, every dinner is special at Galley 57 when it kicks off with a homemade old fashioned.  One of the secrets (not anymore) to a great old fashioned is the cherry.  Galley 57 uses only the finest cherries.  You won’t find a store-bought maraschino cherry in your old fashioned at Galley 57, rather you will delight in a drink with a wild Italian Amarena cherry.  If you’ve never tried one, come in for a taste test!