Galley 57’s Chef Andy Mueller Shares a “Recipe for Success”

Posted on 5-28-2020

Galley 57 is looking forward to Re-Opening soon, and Chef Andy Mueller has a special “recipe” to share with us:

I’ve always enjoyed creating recipes.  There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with putting ingredients together with creativity and passion with the goal of making someone happy.  Saying thanks for the gifts I’ve been given simply by using them seems like the least I can do.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s always been a fun challenge, but trying to come up with a recipe for success post pandemic is proving to be quite a task.  

It’s always been fun because it’s been in my comfort zone.  None of us are in our comfort zone right now.

Every business has been affected, and the restaurant industry is right up there with the ones that have been hit, and hit hard. 

The biggest struggle is: How do we recover when we know that the days of a packed dining room on a wait, and three deep in the bar are not going to happen for a while?

There’s school of thought where some say “transition to carry-out, curbside pick up, and start doing delivery”. 

All well and fine for businesses that don’t rely on alcohol sales to create positive flow and profitability.

Sub shops, pizza joints, cafes and the like are going to be better equipped to handle the recovery, because their business model is based on not having alcohol sales to begin with. 

Full service restaurants, on the other hand, need to reinvent, realign, and unfortunately, reinvest as a result.

I am optimistic that the restaurant industry will be strong once again, but the million dollar question, and I mean that literally as well as figuratively, is … When?

Galley 57 will reopen in June, with the date yet to be nailed down.

We are very close, and we are determined to recover, reopen, and rejuvenate the industry so many of us love, support, and need right now. 

Continued safety and well wishes to all!

P.S.  On a positive note – one life-changing event that I’ve had was on the level of an epiphany; I mastered the art of folding a fitted sheet!  My life is forever changed for the better!  Look it up, you can do it!

Recipe for Success

In a large plastic pail, add 100 parts per million bleach to clean water(approx. 1/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon water), stir to combine, set aside.

Wearing rubber or latex gloves add a clean rag to the bucket and squeeze out excess water.  With a generous amount of fresh cracked elbow grease, scrub vigorously and cover every square inch of every surface. 

Lather, rinse, repeat…..hourly.

In a separate pan add:

1 cup kindness
2 cups patience

Season to taste. 

In yet another pan:

 Spray the surface with love and understanding; making sure to cover the entire area with a generous coat. 

Add the kindness and patience, throw in 6 feet of social distancing, top with a generous amount of determination, and bake in a warm hug until a light, airy consistency is achieved (approximately 3 months), but check on it every week until desired tenderness.

At this point you can serve it with a few Old Fashioneds and a Plate of Perch – Enjoy!

~ Chef Andy