Good Samaritan “Strikes” at Pit Row

Posted on 1-31-2019

A quick story that shows there are still good people in the world…

On January 23rd, Nate Wallenfang, of Green Bay, and his family, had an experience they’ve given us permission to share in their own words:

Yesterday we stopped at the gas station to fill up the vehicle. Somehow my phone was mistakenly left near the gas pump. A Good Samaritan brought the phone into the gas station, and the clerk was able to make contact with me to let me know they had my phone.

A big thanks to that unknown kind person for not walking off with my phone, but rather, turning it in. Plus, a big shout-out to Emily Matuszak and Pit Row Shell/AweSub at University Avenue & Humboldt Road.

I will always choose to patronize businesses who employ people who do the right thing!

Nate & Tabitha Wallenfang and Family

The management of Pit Row/AweSub simply offered this in response to Nate’s comments:

“Thank you, Good Samaritan, for turning the phone in!”

When you visit Pit Row and Awesub, please let Tom & Wendy Matuszak know that you read this article in the Green Bay News Network!