Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau is Now “Discover Green Bay”

Posted on 7-22-2021

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Since 1969, the Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) has served as the region’s destination marketing organization. Far removed from its many years of operating out of the original Brown County Veterans Memorial Complex, the CVB is positioning itself to improve the visitor experience and increase the economic impact of tourism in the local communities.

Today, the internationally accredited organization previously known as the Greater Green Bay CVB is reshaping itself with a new name, a new brand, and a new temporary Visitor Center.

The rebranding of the 52-year-old tourism organization as “Discover Green Bay”, includes a “Beyond Legendary” tagline and an icon reflecting region’s vast experiences. Also, a temporary Visitor Center is now open at Discover Green Bay.

“An emerging trend in the tourism industry regionally, nationally and worldwide is how the brand of a destination influences destination decisions,” said Brad Toll, Discover Green Bay President and CEO.

“Tourism organizations such as ours have responded, starting with their organizational identities,” Toll continued. “Names have seen a major shift from what the organization does to what the visitor can experience. Today’s tourism groups lead with an action visitors can do and leverage the largest city’s name in the region to showcase where they can have these experiences. With that, we are now simply, but excitedly known as Discover Green Bay.”

And what’s behind the creation of the new name?

“We monitored the evolution of the names of tourism groups across the country, such as Destination Madison, Visit Milwaukee, and Choose Chicago,” Toll explained. “We have made our own name change to best position this area’s tourism experience to today’s audiences. This simplifies the call to action to attract tourists to our region and allows us to curate their expanded understanding of all that is here to discover.”

Beyond Legendary – “We have the benefit of people around the globe knowing something about Green Bay,” Toll said. “Yet, the name ‘Green Bay’ is synonymous with football, and the charge before us is to build on the name awareness and expand the understanding of what’s available here to visitors and residents for entertainment and experiences, including and beyond what people think they know about our area.”

Discover Green Bay’s temporary Visitor Center is located inside the Discover Green Bay office at 789 Armed Forces Drive in Ashwaubenon, across from the Resch Center.

“As we look forward to the day when we will open the Experience Greater Green Bay Visitor Center, as we’ve planned for some time, this new temporary space will help tell our local stories and share with the world all that is great about Green Bay,” said Cameron Teske, Discover Green Bay Vice President of Visitor Experiences.

Features of the in-place Visitor Center (open Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm) include a historical timeline for the region, as well as photos, artifacts and digital displays commemorating a sampling of the industries, attractions and achievements that have made Green Bay beyond legendary. During its hours of operation, the Visitor Center has a staffed information desk and racks filled with brochures for numerous points of interest in the region.