Green Bay Mayor and Other Local, County, and State Races to be Decided in April 2nd General Election

Posted on 3-14-2019

Tuesday, April 2nd, is General Election Day in Wisconsin.  Locally, voters will be choosing a Mayor, Supreme Court Justice, Brown County Executive, School Board Members, and municipal officials.

To locate your polling place, view your sample ballot, and to register to vote, please visit My Vote Wisconsin.

In an effort to help our readers get to know the Person behind the Persona of our candidates, the Green Bay News Network reached out and invited the two Green Bay Mayoral Candidates to share some personal information about themselves that most voters don’t know – and how they would spend their first week in office.

This week, we’re passing along what Patrick Buckley would like to share with you:

Patrick Buckley,  Green Bay Mayoral Candidate

Many people do not know that I coached youth football for the Westside Wolverines and the Allouez Buccaneers for several years.  I have also served on the Green Bay Junior Gamblers, Green Bay Southwest High School Booster Club, Green Bay Westside Youth Baseball, and Green Bay Youth Hockey Boards.  And I currently serve on the Team Wisconsin Hockey Board.  I think it is vital that we instill dedication, teamwork, and passion into the younger generations so they grow up to be tomorrow’s leaders.

I think the first couple of days in office I would try to sit down with many of the city employees to talk about my vision for Green Bay.  I would like to sit down with each department head, to create a line of communication between them and my office.  Next, I would reach out to the surrounding municipalities to ensure we have a strong relationship with them as well.


As always, the Green Bay News Network encourages our members and readers to study the issues and the candidates, and to exercise their right and responsibility to vote.