Green Bay News Network Invites You to Celebrate April as National Stay at Home Month!

Posted on 4-02-2020

In response to Federal, State, and Local calls for Americans to “Stay at Home” through April 30th, The Green Bay News Network is proclaiming April as National-Stay-at-Home Month.

We don’t always get to choose the cards we are dealt, and such is the present case.

However, we do always get to choose how we, in turn, use those cards!

We’re inviting you to make the best of the situation – to be creative in using your time at home in positive ways:



Yard work – now that the weather is getting nicer (usually)

Family walks (keeping proper distance from others, of course)

Family Movie Nights

Family “Make-a-Pizza” Parties

Family Carry-Out/Delivery Supper Night (order from a different restaurant each week)

Online “Live-Stream” Church Services

Video Calls (Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, etc) with Family & Friends

We invite you to share your ideas on Social Media with the Hashtag #NationalStayAtHomeMonth. Please be sure to tag @Green Bay News Network in your posts, so we can share them with our members and readers.

Stay Healthy & Stay Safe!