Green Bay Packers Seeking 23rd FAN Hall of Fame Honoree

Posted on 11-05-2020

The annual search for the next honoree for the Packers FAN Hall of Fame has begun!

Now, through Monday, November 30th, fans are asked to nominate themselves, a relative, or friend, for the honor of being the 23rd member of the Packers FAN Hall of Fame with an essay of 500 words or less describing the merits of the nominee. Each nomination should be accompanied by a photo.

The first professional football team to have a hall of fame, the Green Bay Packers enhanced that distinction in 1998 by establishing a Packers FAN Hall of Fame. It was founded for the purpose of annually honoring a devout and longtime Packers fan.

The 10 finalists who best represent the spirit of the Packers will be chosen in December by the Packers FAN Hall of Fame selection committee. The final round of voting will be from Jan. 1 through Jan. 31, 2021.

During the voting process, Packers fans will be asked to vote for one of the 10 finalists, whose stories will be profiled on The winner will be selected by three different groups of people: Packers fans, previous FAN Hall of Fame honorees and the Packers’ committee.

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