Happy June Dairy Month!

Posted on 6-20-2019

It’s June Dairy Month – a time to celebrate the dairy community and honor our hardworking dairy farm families for the wholesome, nutritious milk and dairy products they provide. Dairy farmers work around-the-clock to produce safe, high quality milk, by caring for their animals and protecting their environment.

June Dairy Month has been a tradition in the U.S. since 1937. It was established to help stabilize dairy demand during periods of peak production and has since transitioned to sales promotion programs for dairy products.

Here in the Greater Green Bay Area, the Green Bay News Network encourages you to enjoy the delicious dairy products; ice cream, cheese, eggs, and milk available from our good friends at Awesub and Pit Row Stores.

You’ll also find delicious dairy items on the menu at Jimmy Seas, Doug’s Take 5, Burkel’s One Block Over, and Studio 1212.

So, Raise an ice-cold glass of milk to toast and celebrate June Dairy Month!