Heritage Hill Announces 2019 Programs For Home Schools

Home School Families in the Greater Green Bay Area have a definite advantage with Heritage Hill State Historical Park being right in our back yard.  And each year, Heritage Hill works to provide creative and engaging programs for home school students.

Recently, Heritage Hill announced their 2019 Home School Programs:

Wisconsin’s Amazing Women
March 20th
Celebrate Women’s History Month and the 100 year anniversary of Wisconsin giving women the right to vote with some of Wisconsin’s Amazing Women! In this program, students will learn about four women from Wisconsin who made a difference in the lives of people around them.

Junior Historian
April 17th
Play games to learn to think like a historian and meet some of Heritage Hill’s historians!

Spring Tours
May 1st
All ages welcome!
Historic interpreters challenge your children to use their critical thinking skills to discover life in Northeastern Wisconsin as a fur trader, farmer, soldier, and tradesman. Students will compare and contrast today’s life to that of the past as well as consider how gender roles have changed over the years.

Mad as a Hatter
June 12th
Hat styles have changed drastically throughout history, from the shapes to the materials they were made from. Explore different hats people wore throughout time during this workshop and make hat crafts to take home!

Law and Order
July 10th
Ages 8 and up
Participate in the trial of Chief Oshkosh and the trial of John Arndt and help decide whether these men are guilty or not guilty. Learn how these rulings affected future similar trials. (Please note there is a lot of reading in this program; make sure your child feels comfortable reading in front of others before signing up for this program. The literature is at about a 5th grade reading level.)

Art Class
August 14th
Make beautiful creations using nature, learn the art of quill pen writing, do a water color painting inspired by Caroline Tank, and make an art-based toy to take home! All supplies will be provided, but make sure you are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting paint on!

September 11th
Learn about the job of an archaeologist! Do a small excavation, evaluate site descriptions, and get your hands dirty at this fun workshop!

Immigrant’s Journey
October 16th
Hear the struggles of the long journey from Germany to America in the mid-19th century. A costumed presenter brings an immigrant trunk filled with objects and documents.

Revolutionary War
November 6th
Learn about the beginnings of the Revolutionary War and the Boston Tea Party. Act out Paul Revere’s midnight ride. Play Road to the Revolution Bingo and move while racing in the Minute Men relay.

For More Information and to Register for Home School Programs, visit: https://heritagehillgb.org/learn/for-home-schools/

Unless otherwise noted, all participants pay $6 each, regardless of age.

Heritage Hill State Park

Heritage Hill State Historical Park is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are a living history state park devoted to the preservation of our buildings and artifacts and the interpretation of the history of Northeastern Wisconsin and its people. The Park opened in 1977 on a 54 acre site with 24 historical and reproduction buildings representing the early history of Northeastern Wisconsin from 1672 to 1940.