Highlighting the Wonderful Volunteers at The Automobile Gallery

Posted on 12-01-2021

by Darrel Burnett, Executive Director of The Automobile Gallery

As we sled into the month of December, we board the mental magic carpet and cross over into an exciting world of unbridled anticipation. With the re-set button just around the corner on January 1st, December presents us with the opportunity to set aside all the stress and, if only for a brief time, savor family, faith, festivities, food, and friends. The beauty of a Mediterranean sunset is no match for the look of wonderment in the eyes of a young child experiencing the joy of the holiday season.

Regardless of the digits on your birth certificate, those memories never leave us no matter how ancient they may be. 

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy one of my most cherished gifts every day of the year, our wonderful volunteers here at The Automobile Gallery & Event Center. The team we affectionately call The Pit Crew is the greatest and most talented group of friends and workers anyone could ever want.

We simply could not accomplish all that we do here at the Gallery without them. I was reminded of that again as our wonderful team came together to put up holiday decorations, no small task when covering 30,000 square feet here at the Gallery! 

I hope you have an opportunity to visit us during the holidays to experience their dazzling displays. It is my privilege to share their names in print:

Andy Baker
Sheri Baumgartner
Mike Cain
Dick Dolan
Patti & Gene Fiala
Terry Gauy
Ralph Hansen
Nancy & Jeff Jacobe
Patti Mayers
Mark Nemetz
Teri & Bruce Sengbusch
Joe Torres
Cheryl & George Yursis

Here at The Automobile Gallery & Event Center we have the privilege of sharing memories every day of the year. I hope your memories this holiday season are your most cherished yet. Happy Holidays!