How You Can Help Green Bay Habitat Generate $9.9 Million of Economic Activity – Without Picking Up A Hammer

Posted on 1-20-2022

Green Bay Habitat generates more than $9.9 million of economic activity annually.

Many people in our community pick up hammers to build homes for others, but there are several, less physical, ways you can help.

Each dollar of direct Habitat spending generates $2.77 in total economic activity in the community, a more than 100% increase on its investment. Annual direct and indirect expenditures by Habitat are supplemented by landfill savings of $146,182 and significant volunteer hours, which contributed the equivalent of just under $3.8 million in value over the past eight years.

You too can help Habitat, even without picking up a hammer:


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Habitat for Humanity

Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity builds new construction homes in the Green Bay area and sells them to qualified families at no profit. The Habitat program provides benefits to our partner families and the Green Bay community. Families benefit from decent, affordable housing while the community benefits from the redevelopment of neighborhoods and an increase in tax revenue. The Habitat program does not give houses away. Families must spend “sweat equity” hours helping to build their home, pay a $900 down payment and make monthly mortgage payments. Homes are made affordable due to the volunteer labor used to build the home and the 0% interest mortgage provided by Habitat. To see what we’re working on now, check out our Current Builds page!

Habitat homes are build according to these three standard principles:

  1. Simple:
    Habitat houses are modestly-sized. They are large enough for the homeowner family’s needs, but small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs to a minimum.
  2. Decent:
    Habitat for Humanity uses quality, locally-available building materials. Habitat house designs reflect the local climate and culture.
  3. Affordable:
    The labor of volunteers and partner families, efficient building methods, modest house sizes and no-profit loans make it affordable for low-income families to purchase Habitat houses.

The first step in becoming a Habitat homeowner is to attend an informational Application Meeting. At the informational session, you will find out about our program, see what a typical Habitat home looks like, and learn how to accurately complete your application. Applicants and co-applicants must attend a meeting to receive an application; you will have 30 days from that date to turn in your completed application and required documents.  This meeting will take approximately 1 hour.  The application process takes approximately 60-90 days from the date Habitat receives your completed application. If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact [email protected].