Hudson-Sharp adds Dual-Registration Capability to Ares 400-SUP Pouch Machine

Posted on 7-14-2022

GREEN BAY, Wis. — July 13th, 2022 — Hudson-Sharp, part of Barry-Wehmiller’s Converting Solutions platform, recently partnered with SunDance, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, to upgrade the functionality of the printer’s newest Ares 400-SUP pouch machine to provide perfect registration from the front to the back of pouches, while running separate films for each.

“SunDance purchased a Hudson-Sharp Ares 400-SUP pouch machine with inserted gusset capabilities,” said Thomas Evans, Sales Executive, Hudson-Sharp. “Our customer asked for the capability of dual registration, along with the ability to use two different substrates of varying thickness for the front and back of the pouch. I’m thrilled to say we were able to deliver.”

This advanced technology allows Hudson-Sharp’s Ares 400-SUP machine to produce inserted gusset pouches using a variety of substrates for front and back webs, making it an incredibly versatile pouch-making machine.

“With the Ares 400-SUP and the new dual-registration technology, we instantly have expanded our pouch capabilities,” said JohnHenry Ruggieri, President, SunDance. “We now have the ability to run multiple combinations of pouches utilizing up to three different films, so feasibly, you could have a clear front, metallic back and a paper bottom, all while staying in perfect register from front to back.”

“This technology is the result of a true partnership between Hudson-Sharp and our customer,” said Scott Romenesko, Director of Sales-Americas, Hudson-Sharp. “SunDance is an innovative print solutions company with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We’re proud to have been a partner on the dual-registration project. We worked together to successfully find a solution to meet the need for more flexibility. The Ares 400-SUP is a great addition to our company’s growing pouch production,” added Ruggieri. “With this machine, small but growing brands will be able to take advantage of stand-up pouches to better market their product.

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