Jackie Krull Announces Candidacy for Bellevue Village President

Posted on 11-17-2020

Jackie Krull, a long-term Village of Bellevue resident, has announced her candidacy for Bellevue Village President:

“Cultivating our community is a balance of vision and investment. Bellevue is transitioning towards full buildout, with development at the edges of rural working lands. Cultivating a community requires a long-range view of next level items, while understanding the deep places of the heart of our former rural community.”

As Bellevue Village President, Jackie will serve as a visual and vocal elected official, leading the culture of the community. Her attendance at Village Board meetings since 2012, and Budget Work Sessions since 2017, will support an immediate effect as a Village Board member, and Village leader.

Jackie has resided in Brown County since 1991 and in Bellevue since 2001. She is a former 20-year business owner of a Bellevue based financial services business and continues employment as an account executive. Jackie serves as an officer with the Bellevue Business & Professional Association, volunteers with the Friends of Bellevue Parks group, and is under a 3-year Village Board appointment on the Ethics Board.

“My long-range focus is on infrastructure and service investments by making deliberate choices that will shape the community.”  

Jackie will focus to advance the collective decision-making body of the Bellevue Village Board, who are responsible for adopting community policies, and empowering Village staff to execute the vision.

Bellevue voters visiting www.JackieForBellevue.com will learn more about Jackie and her endeavors to connect Village of Bellevue residents to information.