Joint Finance Committee approves $5 Million to Identify New Correctional Facility Location

Posted on 6-13-2019

The State Joint Finance Committee approved $5 Million to be included in the 2019-2020 budget to identify a new location for a prison to replace GBCI, install utilties to the site, and to accept RFPs for a new facility.

A statement from State Representative David Steffen’s Facebook Page read:

“Yesterday, the Joint Committee on Finance passed State Senator Rob Cowles and my budget motion which funds the first phase of replacing the 121-year old Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI). The $5 million approved yesterday, is required to be spent on land acquisition, utility services to the new prison site and requests for proposals (RFPs) for the prison’s construction. 

I have consistently stated that Green Bay Correctional Institution is the most dangerous place in Wisconsin. GBCI is in need of $200 million in repairs, suffers from a 45% overcapacity rate and is ranked #1 for assaults on staff. We now have a clear path and timeline for a safer, more cost-effective solution to this problem.”

The goal is to close GBCI by 2024.