Learn How to Become a Wisconsin Notary Public

Posted on 12-29-2022

Wisconsin Notaries Public perform a valuable service to businesses and individuals.  And, while many businesses offer notary services to their clients and customers, there’s always room (and a need) for more notaries to join the field.

So, how does one become a Notary Public in Wisconsin?

From the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Website: 

A notary public is an individual issued an appointment by the Secretary of the Department of Financial Institutions to serve the public as an impartial witness, performing notarial acts as are allowed or required by law.

Any United States resident 18 years of age or older who has at least the equivalent of an eighth grade education, has passed the notary exam with 90% or better within one year of applying, and has demonstrated adherence to laws according to the Wisconsin Statutes with regard to arrests and convictions, is eligible to apply for a Wisconsin Notary Public Commission.

Once you’re certain that you meet the above requirements, you will need to take and pass the Wisconsin Notary Public Tutorial Exam, and print out your certificate.  You can access the tutorial exam HERE.

Next, you will need to secure your $500 Surety Bond (usually available through any insurance agency), and order your Notary Seal.  You will need both of these items in order to file your application with the state.

When you have your surety bond and your seal, then you’re ready to complete the Wisconsin Notary Public online application, HERE.

Lastly, you submit the application, exam certificate, bond form, oath of office form, and a $20 fee to the Notary Records Section of the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions by email or by regular mail.

Assuming your application is in order and is approved, you will receive your 4-year commission notice by mail from the Department of Financial Institutions.  Once you have been so notified, you may begin functioning as a Wisconsin Notary Public.  While not required, it is highly recommended that you also obtain an Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy — again, normally available through any Insurance Agency.

For ongoing education, and for up-to-date information on the frequently changing laws and policies affecting Notaries Public, Editex Business Services also recommends that you join the American Association of Notaries — from whom you may also purchase your Notary Seal and other necessary supplies.