Limestone & Cement Continue to Lead Way for Port of Green Bay

Posted on 10-20-2022

During the month of September, 190,083 tons of cargo shipped through the Port of Green Bay, bringing the total cargo shipments to 1.3 million tons for the 2022 shipping season. Limestone and cement were again the top cargos moving through the Port in September with 72,453 tons of domestic limestone imported and 45,936 tons of cement imports.

Total cargo is down about 5% from a year ago.

“While we have dropped a bit behind the 2021 year-to-date tonnage total, we remain cautiously optimistic we will hit our annual target of 2 million tons,” said Dean Haen, Port of Green Bay Director. “With 3+ months remaining in the shipping season, continued imports of limestone, cement and coal, along with salt and petroleum products should get us close to our target.” 

In addition to limestone and cement, September shipments included 35,986 tons of imported coal, 18,882 tons of petroleum products imports, and 5,222 tons of petroleum products exports. The Port also saw the first deliveries of liquid asphalt (6,500 tons) and carbon anodes (5,104 tons) of the year in September.

Sixteen ships, including one Canadian vessel, moved through the Port in September. For the 2022 shipping season there have been 114 ship visits compared to 129 through September in 2021.