Local Batteries Plus Store Launches Program to Repair Samsung Phones

Posted on 3-11-2021

It is no secret that Americans put a lot of wear and tear on their smartphones, and after a year like 2020  — which brought with it so much economic uncertainty —  many people are seeking out quality repair services, versus purchasing brand new phones.

This is good news for both Green Bay and Appleton consumers, as their local Batteries Plus Bulbs store has become the first retail partner in Samsung’s Independent Service Provider program.

The partnership will provide local Samsung users access to receive best-in-class smartphone repair services through Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE™️) certified technicians conveniently located in their community.

Through the Independent Service Provider program, Batteries Plus Bulbs of Green Bay and Appleton will provide access to Samsung genuine parts, proprietary repair tools and support materials. Batteries Plus Bulbs technicians will also have access to training specifically designed for repair of Samsung devices. In today’s ever-evolving world of smartphones, the program ensures that customers always receive quick, high-quality repairs on their Samsung smartphones from the industry’s most skilled and experienced technicians.

“We’re honored that Samsung — a global leader in smartphone sales — is sharing its genuine parts and proprietary tools and training to arm us with everything we need to provide exceptional repairs in all the local communities each of our franchisees serves,” said Scott Williams, CEO of Batteries Plus Bulbs.

“To date, we’ve completed millions of phone repairs, and our stores have remained open throughout the year to help keep our customers connected to their family, friends, employers, and schools. We’re thrilled to be able to continue keeping Samsung users powered up, and look forward to a rollout in over 650 Batteries Plus stores nationwide.”

Batteries Plus Bulbs’ proven commitment to delivering excellent smartphone repair services has been consistently lauded in positive customer reviews and is what prompted Samsung to name the retailer as its first program partner.

“We are excited to have partnered with Batteries Plus to offer customers additional options when it comes to seeking support for their Samsung devices,” said Ramon Gregory, Senior Vice President Samsung Care.

Visit Batteries Plus Bulbs’ website to learn more about its cell phone repair services.